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Heat Treatments

For many pallet uses, in particular, the food industry, pallets need to be free from mould, insect infestation and be biologically “clean” so will therefore need to be heat treated to kill any contamination. To that end Bedworth Haulage Heat Treatment Ltd have the excellent facilities to carry that treatment out, which includes ISPM15 Heat Treated Pallets.

photo2We are totally dedicated to keeping our clients at the head of any new legislation in force, which is the reason we have heavily invested in our kilning services to provide them with ISPM15 pallets, in order to allow the pallets to be used in worldwide exports.

We deploy heat treatment to all wooden pallets, which has to be completed to an agreed setting and by an approved practitioner before carrying out this process. In addition we also heat treat timber (up to 5MTR in length and packing cases all heat treated timber will be supplied with all relevant conformity certificates for exports.

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